mosaic fireplaceThere's something about a mosaic that makes people feel good. Lovely colored bits of tile or glass coming together to form a one of a kind art piece, a mosaic is a design addition that will never go out of style, never fade and never cease to enchant.

Mosaics have many exciting applications in the home. In the kitchen, a mosaic backsplash or floor provides visitors and family unique and cozy warmth. In the bathroom a mosaic shower, bathtub surround, backsplash or floor offers the viewer a chance for private wonder. The welcome offered by a mosaic entryway will usher smiles through your door.

Set your imagination free when thinking about mosaics in the garden or patio. A mosaic garden wall, stepping stones, sculpture, or use with rock and brick are only a few of the ways an outdoor mosaic can add to the enjoyment of your garden.

Please explore the photographs on this website and see how each mosaic piece works in its environment to add color, delight and joy. Think about how a mosaic will enhance your living area.

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